2018 Rising Stars Cup


 “2018 Rising Stars Cup”  in honor of Valentina Baigulova, the founder of Rhythmic Gymnastics in Novosibirsk and San Diego  Saturday and Sunday, February 17-18, 2018

 Thank you to all gymnasts, coaches, Club owners, families for coming to our competitions!!!




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Location: Ocean Air Recreational Center

 4770 Fairport Way San Diego CA 92130

Contact Alla at (619) 852-7439 or SDGYM2008@YAHOO.COM




Valentina Baigulova was born in Chaldonka, Mogocha Region of Tchita County of Russia. Chaldonka is a small village on Chinese/Russian border. Valentina’s older sister Galina was referred to Moscow University of Physical Education in 1945 to study gymnastics. After graduation Galina was sent to teach gymnastics at Novosibirsk College of Physical Education.  Galina Kanushina (Aksutchitz) established the first Rhythmic Gymnastics school in Siberia in 1950.  Valentina Baigoulova became one of her first students.

Galina lives in San Diego, and always cheers our participants at Opening ceremony.

Valentina was a member of the first Novosibirsk County Rhythmic Gymnastics team. Since the first day at the gym Valentina fell in love with Rhythmic Gymnastics. Valentina graduated from Novosibirsk College of Physical Education in 1959 and  from Omsk University of Physical Education in 1967. As a coach, Valentina raised more than 50 Masters of Sport of USSR. Thousands of girls in Novosibirsk were introduced to the wonderful sport of Rhythmic Gymnastics by Valentina. Many of Valentina’s students have become coaches, and continue promoting our amazing sport all over the World.

SDRGA celebrated its’ 20 years anniversary last year. On February 22, 1997, Valentina gave the first Rhythmic Gymnastics class in San Diego at Olympic Stars Gymnastics Club. Hundreds of girls from San Diego County were introduced to Rhythmic Gymnastics by San Diego Rhythmic Gymnastics Academy since 1997.

Valetina was leading two Rhythmic Gymnastics schools – one in Novosibirsk, Russia, and one in San Diego, USA, when she passed away from cancer on June 22nd, 2003. Each June young gymnasts from Russia participate in Valentina’s Memorial Tournament in Novosibirsk. Our “Rising Stars Cup” is continuing this tradition.




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Ocean Air Recreational Center

4770 Fairport Way, San Diego, CA, 92130
Tel: (858) 552-1682
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