About San Diego Rhythmic Gymnastics Academy

San Diego Rhythmic Gymnastics Academy is the Boutique Rhythmic Gymnastics Academy. The Academy is designed to develop Rhythmic Gymnastics Champions. We concentrate only on Rhythmic Gymnastics.

Our founders had transformed San Diego Rhythmic Gymnastics Academy into Rhythmic Gymnastics Institution. The founders brought 267 combined years of their invaluable and relevant to rhythmic gymnastics experience such as: teaching rhythmic gymnastics and ballet, teaching rhythmic musical education, child psychology, sport cardiology and psychotherapy, methodology of sports education, sports medicine and sports rehabilitation as well as organization of sports competitions.

This experience was obtained by years of hard work, trial and error as well as complete education with PHD and MD degrees from Moscow University of Physical Education, Novosibirsk College of Pyshical Education, Novosibirsk Medical University, Omsk University of Physical Education, Novosibirsk Pedagogical University as well performing in Nobosibirsk Ice Ballet Company. All of our competing rthythmic gymnasts are attending ballet classes at the Academy as well. Complementary ballet education helps our athletes to achieve higher goals in ther rhythmic gymnastics efforts.

We are proud to research, design, development and implementation of the variety and high standard of our rhythmic gymnastics programs. Our Academy offers outstanding instructions in all levels of rhythmic gymnastics with unique recreational programs for all ages, ranging from 4 years old, all the way up to adult classes.