Rhythmic Gymnastics

If your child enjoys playing with a ball or dancing with a ribbon, she will most likely like Rhythmic Gymnastics, the wonderful Olympic sport. Rhythmic Gymnastics is a combination of dance, ballet, expressive movement combined with a unique blend of gymnastics. A child will learn how to work with ribbon, ball, hoop, rope, and clubs. Our program offers the valuable educational activitiy which compliments any young child’s physique, development, self-esteem and public performance skills!

Our rhythmic gymnastics recreational program includes semi-annual performances, 

In recreational setting coaches have to be sure that students would learn the fundamentals of Rhythmic Gymnastics in a relaxed atmosphere. Learning is enhanced when children enjoy the classes and have fun first before concerning themselves with achieving the goals of athletic competition.

In competitive setting coaches besides teaching Rhythmic Gymnastics fundamentals must be sure that their students would succeed at competition events including State, Regional, National and International Championships. Competitive gymnastics requires more hours of practice, hard work, and a lot of discipline. 

At the same time, the main idea of all our operation as a Rhythmic Gymnastics school is to get most possible benefits for any child and to be respectful to child’s and her/his parents choices. For example, if you would prefer your child to take recreational classes, your child will learn a lot as a student. Also all our recreational gymnasts have opportunity to take a part of performances. We have three shows a year for all the participants: Halloween, New Year, and The end of season show.