Photo and Video at our competitions

Official Photographer for our 2020 Region I level 4 Championships and Super Stars Cup in memory of Victoria Valentina Zubkis is Eduardo Acosta!!!

Dear participants !!!

      As a professional photographer of Rhythmic Gymnastics I offer my service to you!  

      Photos are timeless memories. Be sure that you will get yours! Enjoy your daughter’s performance without worry about getting the right shot, and without looking through a camera lens when your child performs. I will do that for you. 

      I do not photograph all the gymnasts. If you would like your daughter to be photographed, please, make an arrangement BEFORE your daughter’s rotation. 

      I offer quality photos for a low price.  You can choose two options for your file delivery: a flash drive sent over mail, or a file sent via Dropbox. Both options would take 1-2 weeks to be delivered. 

      I am looking forward to provide excellent photography during the meet. Please let me know if you have any questions. 

Thank you, 

Eduard Acosta

(949) 3002794

Find me on Instagram @eduardacostaphotography